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Perhaps you've seen it, maybe more than once; your colleague has resigned, and they'll earn their last few wage cheque's getting on everyone's nerves. Negative or hostile remarks, projects left undone, an unwillingness to help, tardiness and truancy - they appear delighted to "poison the waters" before saying their final…
Friday, 18 Jan, 2008

Work Place Blues

Poor work-life balance, long and anti-social working hours and pressure to perform in a competitive environment are common workplace concerns that can result in stress.  With between 30% and 60% of absence thought to be stress related, it’s clear to see that Scottish workers and businesses are fighting a fierce…
People spend huge amounts of time preparing for upcoming events, finals in college, big presentations at work, or planning for a wedding. But when it comes to preparing for an interview for a position they will be spending at least a third of their lives every week at, most people…
Can being a good speaker make the difference to landing a new job and what makes a good orator and a good speech?  A business presentation or a speech to colleagues or clients my not be quite the same as Gordon Brown addressing the nation but the basic skills are…
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Dress for success

suitTop tips for interview attire

Although some companies have relaxed their dress code for employees, many still expect a professional look in interviews for new recruits. Here we look at why it is still important to companies.


Resigning with class!

resigning150x100How to resign diplomatically

Are you preparing to resign from your current job? Some job seekers have a hard time doing so, either because they love the job and their colleagues or because they can't stand the job and can't wait to leave. 


When the workplace is a hell place

unhappyBullying & harassment at work

Founder of Just Fight On, Jo-Anne Brown, spoke exclusively to us about bullying and harassment in the workplace. Bullying only happens to weak people. It only happens in school playgrounds.