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DESIGN Services For The Care Sector

Events over the last few weeks have highlighted unacceptably poor levels of care provided in some residential services by those trusted to care and support vulnerable people. High calibre, skilled care workers are a must, not an optional extra. As Margo MacDonald MSP pointed out ("Margo Wants Care Qualifications", Evening…
Social worker and community councillor, Andrew Walker, shares his concerns on restructuring social care services “The Western Isles already has the highest proportion of people aged over 65 in Scotland and there is projected to be a 50% increase in the over 60s by 2033 and an 80% increase in…
Our Engage column features comment from leading figures within the world of social work. This time we feature the blog, Discovering Desistance, in which Marguerite Schinkel of Edinburgh University reflects on previous research experience looking into ‘recovery competencies’ in relation to mental health. Desistance and what helps in mental health…
Tuesday, 11 Sep, 2012

Engage - Angela Donaldson

We feature Angela Donaldson of Arthritis Care Scotland who blogs on the challenges people with arthritis encounter everyday. A bit of a Dilemma - Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Ordinary People I have lived with RA for a long time, 28 years and counting to be precise.  During that time I’ve…
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