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Monday, 17 Feb, 2014

Webwatch - Padlet

If you often need to collect feedback on an event, create a noticeboard, take notes, brainstorm ideas or make lists, then take a look at Padlet. It enables the creation of a ‘wall’ or web space where you can post text, photos and videos, and then invite others - colleagues,…
Robert McKee, a screenwriter and lecturer, is quoted as saying ‘Stories are how we remember, we tend to forget lists and bullet points’. We all at some time have been subjected to busy and / or illegible Powerpoint slides at events, without really taking any learning away from them. Stories…
Tuesday, 26 Nov, 2013

Webwatch - Food for Thought

The routines and rituals that surround food – shopping, preparing, cooking, serving, cleaning up - are important parts of our lives, yet often we fail to recognise their symbolic or hidden meanings. Food for Thought was an ESRC-funded project designed to implement the findings of previous ESRC research by the…
Wednesday, 23 Oct, 2013

Webwatch - Evernote

Busy modern life can make it difficult to remember everything. And there always seems to be quite a lot to remember, not only in our daily working lives, but also in our private lives. It can be an endless stream of paper to-do lists, notes and ideas tucked into bags,…
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