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Monday, 4 Apr, 2011

Webwatch - Lifetracks

Making that all-important life decision on what career path to follow – whether to go straight into the workforce, or to enter further education or training – can be a daunting one for many young people, especially considering the number of options that are available to them today. Lifetracks, an…
Tuesday, 1 Mar, 2011

Webwatch - Skype

Do you live in a remote location or attend a lot of meetings and find that copious amounts of time and energy is wasted on travel when you could be doing something more productive? If so, Skype could make your life easier and save you time. At its simplest, Skype…
A project managed by the charity, Rock Trust, and funded by Communities Scotland, Scottish Social Networks has been created in response to recommendations in the Homelessness Task Force Final Report to raise awareness of the need for positive social networks and to support the development and integration of befriending, mentoring…
Monday, 10 Jan, 2011

Webwatch - Twitter

I think it would be fair to say that a lot of people approach Twitter a little sceptically. To an extent, popular culture will have us believe that it is all about sharing trivial information, such as where you are having coffee or what you are having for dinner in…
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