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Friday, 25 November 2016

Major conference aims to address social care recruitment and retention

Written by The Editorial Team

Skills for Care has announced details of their 2017 Annual Conference which will take place at The Titanic Hotel on Thursday 9 March next year.

With around 60,000 job vacancies in the sector on any given day that employers say recruitment and retention is a major concern for them.

Therefore, the conference theme 'Recruitment and Retention: The road to success', will gather the most influential thinkers and practitioners in adult social care, who will aim to tackle what is arguably the biggest challenge facing the sector.

As well as keynote presentations, the day-long conference will be packed with interactive workshop sessions with contributions from organisations sharing how they have successfully tackled their recruitment and retention challenges.

You have the opportunity to attend two workshops from the following:

Lead to succeed – securing workforce succession

'This workshop will explore how the challenge of succession planning in social care can be met through a values-based approach to leadership. We’ll help you to identify practical approaches to recruitment and retention in order to ‘grow your own’ leaders having heard from employers who have successfully done so in their own organisation.

'You’ll leave the workshop with a better understanding of values-based leadership and the importance of leadership ‘from every seat’ in building leadership capacity across the workforce. As well as sharing ideas about how you can lead to succeed in securing workforce succession you’ll also have the opportunity to reflect on the ideas of others.'

There’s more than one way to find the right workers

'This workshop will look at the range of different methods organisations have successfully used to attract workers. We’ll explore the ways you can think differently about finding people to work for you, how you can make your organisation stand out and the help available.

'You’ll leave the workshop with ideas on how and where you can advertise your vacancies that you can use immediately in your organisation. As well as hearing from employers who have successfully attracted workers, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.'

How to start with values based recruitment and retention

'This workshop will look at how values based recruitment and retention works to make sure you can get started in selecting the right people for your organisation. Aimed at employers considering taking a values based approach to recruitment and retention, we’ll explore the basic principles and the benefits and potential challenges.

'You’ll leave the workshop with practical solutions on how to make a start recruiting for values that you can immediately put in place in your organisation. As well as hearing from employers who have successfully taken this approach forward, you’ll learn where you can find further resources and support to help you on your journey.'

What’s the answer to the crisis in recruiting nurses in adult social care?

'With a vacancy rate of 9% and a turnover rate of 35% there can be no argument that there is a problem. This workshop will look at the issues and the solutions of recruiting and retaining nurses being identified by social care employers.

'We’ll explore new approaches to the nursing workforce that are emerging from small independent employers and national government policy, including the development of the Nursing Associate role and attempts to recruit directly into social care settings.

'You’ll leave the workshop with the latest ideas on what you can do to improve recruitment and retention of nurses in your organisation.'

Apprenticeships – a winning strategy for attracting the right people

'This workshop will look at how recruiting apprentices for your business can help with recruitment and retention, provide a career pathway for your workforce and develop a workplace learning and development ethos.

'We’ll examine the new Apprenticeship Standards and hear from employers who are already delivering them and learn about the positive impact their apprentices are making. We’ll also look at how employers can maximise their Apprenticeship levy payments and how to commission quality learning from providers. You’ll leave the workshop with practical tools for recruitment and information on how apprentices can contribute to your business success.

'As well as hearing from employers you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Trailblazer employer group who designed the new standards and assessment strategies.'

Registered managers

'There is a lot of evidence to show that one of the key factors in good Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings is the low turnover of registered managers. This workshop focuses on the importance of this role and explores very specific ways registered managers can be supported in their work across organisational boundaries.

'Having had the opportunity to think through why retaining registered managers may be difficult you’ll leave the workshop with ideas of how these difficulties can be overcome. You’ll hear from registered managers who have accessed different methods of support, including joining local networks set up to support this vital role.'



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