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Monday, 12 December 2016

Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern announce merger plans

Written by The Editorial Team

Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern have announced plans to merge the activities of the two charities by April 2017.

While both organisations share a clear mission to reduce the harm caused by alcohol, Alcohol Research UK has a long record of research excellence and impact, while Alcohol Concern brings a strong media and campaigning profile.

Combined, the two charities hope to be in a much stronger position to use robust evidence to campaign for, and support those working to achieve, a reduction in alcohol harms.

“Alcohol Research UK funds high quality and impartial research that addresses some of the most important issues and challenges in the alcohol harm reduction field today,” says Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, Chair of Alcohol Research UK.

He added: “Alcohol Concern is well recognised for its high-profile advocacy work to help reduce the many harms from alcohol misuse, and in particular for its excellent Dry January initiative. We see the marrying of evidence-based advocacy with our primary function of fostering research into reducing alcohol harm as a powerful strategic fit.”

Richard Sumray, Chair of Alcohol Concern said: “It’s an exciting moment in Alcohol Concern’s long history of campaigning to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.  The decision to merge with Alcohol Research UK makes absolute sense and I’m delighted that we’re going ahead as the work of the combined charity will only go from strength to strength. We hope our many supporters will continue to work with us as we make this journey to a new and improved organisation.”

The charities are currently working through the merger process but the intention is for all existing activities and staff posts to be retained.